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Music Therapy with Memory Care Residents

Parkinson Disease & Music Therapy

The American Parkinson Disease Association (ADPA) recognizes music therapy as a valid and potentially powerful mode of treatment for people with Parkinson’s in the section of their website labeled, “Alternative Medicine & Treatment.” Carolyn Dobson, of the Neurologic Music Therapy Group, asserts that, “research in both music therapy and in neuroscience has shown that music can affect function in profound ways. In fact, some neuroscience studies have shown that certain types of music stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin—two neurotransmitters (chemicals produced by brain cells) that are diminished in Parkinson’s Disease patients.” She goes on to explain that music therapy can also potentially stimulate increased organization of movement through rhythm, greater speech clarity and breath support through singing, and relief from depression and anxiety through creative self-expression.

To read the full article and find more information about the American Parkinson Disease Association, visit their website.