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Why are Strokes on the Rise? Latest Detection & Treatment
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Kensington Park’s Partnership with Genesis Rehab: Geriatric Physical Therapy On-Site

Rehabilitation and on-site geriatric physical therapy are also offered in independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities where seniors are provided with life enrichment and options for aging in place.

When your senior loved one requires more assistance than you can provide, especially after hospitalization, you may begin to wonder what your options are.

In some cases, it may be best for a senior to move into a nursing home or skilled nursing facility to receive dedicated medical attention and on-site rehabilitation.

One of the main reasons that a senior ends up in physical therapy is a fall. Falls are common for seniors, especially those 65 years and older. However, physical therapy can also be a quality treatment for injuries, diseases, and many disorders. Even those suffering from memory loss and Parkinson’s disease experience benefits. 

Transitioning from a hospital to a community setting may be challenging, especially when you may have expected your senior loved one to come home, but gaining an understanding of their new living arrangements and treatment should make you feel at ease. 

What is geriatric physical therapy?

Geriatric physical therapy is a specialized type of therapy for seniors who still maintain a level of independence. The purpose of geriatric physical therapy is to restore mobility and balance, increase fitness levels, boost self-esteem, and reduce pain. Although, there are many more benefits.

Through exercise and education, geriatric therapy can prevent further decline in functional abilities. 

Therapists who provide geriatric services are lifelong learners educated in aging adults and the diseases and disorders that may affect their strength and mobility. They are patient and sympathetic with older adults, teaching them to embrace the aging process, and empowering them to move, engage, and live healthier. 

What conditions and ailments can benefit from on-site geriatric physical therapy?

The list of conditions and ailments that can benefit from geriatric physical therapy is endless. Below you will find some of the conditions seniors can receive care for while residing in independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities. At Kensington Park, our independent living, assisted living and memory care residents all can receive care for any of the following conditions through our partner Genesis Rehab


Seniors who have had a stroke may benefit from geriatric physical therapy. It is common for those who’ve experienced a stroke to have muscle loss on one side of the body. Therapy can improve or restore the muscles and function in their affected limbs. 

Parkinson’s Disease

Even though Parkinson’s disease is irreversible and progressive, physical therapy can improve senior’s flexibility and decrease their involuntary movements. 

Memory Loss

Memory loss that occurs due to Alzheimer’s or dementia can be treated through therapy as well. Therapists use specific exercises with memory care residents to improve memory functions in the early stages of memory loss. 

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Seniors who have ALS may have difficulty walking and take falls due to their loss of balance. They suffer from weakness in their hands and feet. But, they can regain some of their strength by improving their stamina, walking, balance, and range of motion. 

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS cannot be cured, but therapy can help ease some of its symptoms. Participating in stretching and strengthening exercises can make it easier for a senior to perform daily tasks. 

Other common ailments helped by rehabilitation

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer
  • Joint replacement
  • Cardiac trauma

On-site rehabilitation at Kensington Park with Genesis Rehab

Kensington Park Senior Living allows your senior to remain in one place while receiving all of the care that they need. Too often, seniors travel from their home to one doctor to the next. For seniors who already have a difficult time getting around, this may be overwhelming. Your senior loved one does not have to live through this inconvenience. Not when Kensington Park can provide your senior with clinical support and an on-site rehabilitation center, as well as life enrichment. 

Whether your loved one is recovering from one of the previously mentioned conditions or something else, they can receive high-quality care and treatment within our community.

Compassionate Genesis Rehab therapists provide each of its seniors with their own therapy plan based on their unique needs. Through our on-site geriatric physical therapy, your senior loved one will have an excellent chance of regaining their health and independence. 

Genesis rehab’s programs and services emphasize recovery and rehabilitation. They offer multiple types of therapy for seniors, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

This includes special independent-living focused services such as the following:

  • Our Kensington At Home program is our licensed home healthcare agency within independent living. Through the program, Kensington Park’s own CNAs work with independent living seniors. Combined with rehabilitation, it helps seniors stay independent longer, so they don’t have to move into assisted living.
  • Rehab services also include screenings for those in independent living to determine each senior’s unique level of need. 
  • The Car Fit special program provides an assessment through AAA and AARP, to assess if a senior is an appropriate fit for their car, in terms of seatbelt, mirrors, lights, etc.
  • For those needing more assistance, fall prevention seminars for residents are hosted for residents in assisted living.

These programs can help seniors strengthen muscles, regain mobility and balance, and increase their feelings of self-worth and confidence. 

Transitioning to a community setting from hospitalization

If your senior loved one was hospitalized, you may not have anticipated them transitioning to an independent living or assisted living community. You may have pictured them coming home, only to discover their needs are too great for in-home care.

But, you can rest assured knowing that most seniors enjoy living in a community setting. They will be able to build and maintain friendships, socialize, and participate in activities to comfortably age in place after transitioning from a hospital, nursing home, or skilled nursing facility.

Living in a community that has on-site rehab makes transitioning simple. Your loved one will receive specialized care in a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. 

When recovery comes to an end, your loved one will still benefit from moving to a community. Being part of a community and participating in life enrichment activities will be excellent for their mental health and well-being.

While they may be more independent after healing, your loved one can still receive assistance with daily care needs. Nurses and staff can help them adapt to their needs and provide them with the proper treatment through each stage.

Kensington Park, your partners in care

At Kensington Park it’s Our Promise to love and care for your senior loved one like we would our own family. We offer on-site geriatric physical therapy, high-quality care and treatment to our residents, while making them feel at home. Comfort is essential, which is why we take pride in creating a beautiful and relaxing environment. 

We know that we must meet our residents’ emotional, mental, and physical needs for them to live a healthy and fulfilling life, just as they need to build and maintain friendships. This is why we not only have compassionate staff and nurses on-site but also provide many opportunities for socializing and participating in activities. 

To learn more about our independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities, or the programs and services we offer, please contact us today. 


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