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November is Upon Us

With November upon us, we are gearing up to celebrate the Holidays with the traditional customs of good food, good company, and all the accoutrements that come with the season. These final weeks on the calendar mark the grand finale of the year’s occasions when family and friends come together to strengthen bonds of affection and unity. Thanksgiving, in particular, symbolizes the ideal purpose of these reunions in that we pay homage, not only to one another, but also to everything that has enriched us across the spans of our lives. And yet, even beyond these lovely gestures, there exist countless other ways to extend the Holiday spirit of sharing to those around us each day. Here at Kensington Park, our staff of dedicated professionals sets no limit of time or effort when it comes to expanding the potential abilities within each resident.

With that goal in mind, we have created the Kensington Club which consists of a series of programs designed to broaden the range of intellectual gifts possessed by residents with mild cognitive challenges. Under the direction of the Club’s Coordinator, [Kyoko], members receive attention on a dual basis of individual and small group activities specifically aimed at sharpening mental alertness, along with improving qualities of memory. In the application of these programs, much of their resources are focused upon a system of mutual support whereby members assist one another in contributing a greater level of active participation which ultimately benefits all present. In addition, families are welcome to join in the programs, thus making the atmosphere more inclusive and informal. In a sense, the Kensington Club retains a year round feeling of the Holidays in that its members unconditionally give of themselves to assist a friend and neighbor, and to share a most enjoyable time often with the inclusion of family members themselves. The Club is but another way in which Kensington Park extends its loving commitment to those who call this community their home.

With love,

Tanya Walker Managing Director of Kensington Senior Living, headshot.