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Musical Notes with Rachelle Splechter

Musical Notes with Rachelle Splechter

“This is the perfect place to be.”

“The music is making me remember!”

“I’m impressing myself!”

Each month’s article topic is often introduced by an insightful quote. For this month, the inspiration behind the introduction comes from our very own KP residents. As I reflect on the past 20 months that I have had the privilege of being employed at KP, I find that there are three components to thank for establishing such a “family feel” at KP: 1) our residents 2) our staff 3) our music.

“My father taught me all these songs!” one resident exclaimed as we sang together in our Connections group. “We would have concerts in the home,” another resident recounted, “That was before TV and that was our entertainment. My father played the zither.” The music that we share often brings up memories that have made us who we are. The music that we continue to share often shapes who we will be.

Whenever I start to strum “Que Sera, Sera,” (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) I am joined in singing by residents, staff, and family members alike. I haven’t encountered anyone on campus that does not know the words to this song that speaks to our early experiences. Though across campus our life experiences vary greatly, we sing in common the endearing words of Doris Day.

Engaging in community throughout the development of our three music therapy groups on campus has been an absolute delight for me during my time here. Soon, I will be “travelin’ along, singin a song” – to quote additional lyrics of Doris Day. I trust that community will continue to flourish here at KP between our residents and staff through the music led by the strong and capable music therapists who remain a part of the local KP community.