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Musical Notes with Melissa: This Time Last Year

Melissa Pate

A new year brings new areas of progress and growth in the field of music therapy. Last year, bill SB82 was passed in the Maryland legislature, which creates a music therapy license for all music therapists in the state of Maryland!

Across the U.S., music therapists have fought for licensure to afford protection of our title and recognition as an allied health profession. “Music therapy” at times has been a catch-all term for pleasant or powerful music experiences, negating the training and clinical interventions that go into an actual music therapy session. This has led to misrepresentation of what music therapy is and who is qualified to conduct a music therapy session. Licensure allows for greater oversight and accountability within our field. It also paves the way for more accessibility of services. When I practiced as a licensed music therapist in Georgia, the company I worked for was able to submit claims to a select number of insurance companies for reimbursement. Before licensure, that was not possible!

What this means for our families at Kensington Park who participate in music therapy is that you can rest assured that what we provide to your loved one goes beyond happy songs, but legitimate, evidence-based intervention that adds to their quality of life. For any questions about licensure, please email Melissa Pate at