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Wellness Kensington Park

Musical Notes with Melissa: The Sounds of Music

Melissa Pate

“The hills are alive with the sound of music; with songs they have sung for
a thousand years…”

The hills of Kensington Park are always alive with the sound of music, though it isn’t the music you think it is! Yes, you may hear Frank Sinatra or Doris Day during morning exercise or
soft jazz in the Highlands Bistro, but there is a different kind of music you hear when you step outside.

If you’ve been reading the Musical Notes for a while, then you know I often talk about mindfulness. Psychology Today defines mindfulness as “a state of active, open attention to
the present.” It’s something I often utilize in Music Therapy sessions, as it is quite helpful for residents as a calming practice. So when I say the hills of Kensington Park are alive with the sound of the music, I mean it’s alive with the music you hear when you walk outside and allow yourself to be still for a moment. It could be the birds chirping, wind chimes ringing, or dare I say, the soft buzz of cicadas (just don’t look down on the ground)! Maybe the music is when you watch flowers dance in the breeze or how the bees move around from petal to petal. Take time to notice how your body feels as you “stop to smell the roses.” As you do this, you’re allowing your senses and your body to come into the present moment, attentive to what is happening right now. There is music everywhere; we just have to stop to listen.

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