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Musical Notes with Melissa: Reminiscence

Melissa Pate

In our Music Therapy sessions, a common goal we work towards is reminiscence. Indeed, music is a powerful tool that can bring back the sights, smells, sounds and feelings from an event or certain time in our lives. One way we might prompt reminiscence or discussion is through songwriting. Now, we’re not creating our own melody, but rather using the music and framework of an existing song combined with our original lyrics. This allows for a sense of familiarity while also encouraging creativity! Right now, one song we sing frequently is “In the Good ol’ Summertime.”


In the Good ol’ Summertime, in the good ol’ summertime.
Strolling down the shady lane, with that baby mine.
You hold her hand and she holds yours, and that’s a very good sign.
That she’s your tootsie-wootsie in the good ol’ summertime.”


Our framework might look like this:

In the Good ol’ Summertime, in the good ol’ summertime.
________ in the ________, with____________.
I love to__________ and___________, and it’s a very good sign.
That we’re having a real fine day in the good ol’ summertime.

With this, we can ask questions such as “Where do you like to go in summer?” “Who do you usually spend time with?” This opens the door for residents to share happy details from their lives and put those memories into a song that reflects their good ol’ summertime!

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