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Musical Notes with Melissa: International Music Day

Melissa Pate

October 1st is International Music Day! In 1974, the International Music Council declared that International Music Day would be celebrated on October 1st every year. Now, this day is not just for the Andrea Bocellis and Yo-Yo Mas of the world – it is for anyone who loves and appreciates the power of music in bringing people together.

The goal of International Music Day was originally to celebrate and harness the power of music to unite communities and cultures. Here are some ways you can celebrate the day:

  1. Find a local show or concert to attend with your loved
  2. Watch or stream an online performance of your favorite artist.
  3. Listen to a playlist of songs from a memorable time in your life (high school, college, wedding year, etc.). Spotify has “top hits” playlists of every year! Sing along if you feel so inclined!

No matter if you are a singer, instrumentalist, or music lover, music can and should be celebrated by everyone.

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