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Musical Notes with Melissa: Holiday Tunes

Melissa Pate

December is my favorite month for music therapy. As we sing familiar holiday tunes and share memories, there is a warmth and nostalgia that runs through our sessions. People remember watching the movie White Christmas or recall going to see The Nutcracker on stage. The holidays bring so much joy to our residents!

In keeping with the holiday spirit, we are thrilled to offer several resident-led holiday sing-alongs and performances. If you are at Kensington Park and hear singing, please join in on the cheer!

December 12th @ 3pm
Highlands Holiday Sing-Along

December 12th @ 4pm
Woodlands Men and Women Group Performances

December 15th @ 3:30
Highlands Interages Choir Performance

Did you know that you can also give the gift of music to your loved ones for Christmas? Our music therapy team offers one-time and short-term music therapy sessions.

For more information on music therapy or brain wellness, contact Melissa Pate at