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Sheet music laying on piano keys

Musical Notes in October

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Berthold Auerbach

If you have ever belted out a favorite tune in the shower or the car, you know how fun singing can be. But did you know that it is actually good for you, too? Numerous articles have emerged, in scholarly publications and popular websites/blogs alike, detailing the health benefits of singing, particularly in a group setting. Here are just a few ways that group singing can boost your health (Cullingford, 2011):

  1. Improved, deepened breathing leading to better oxygenation of the blood
  2. Physical relaxation and stress reduction
  3. Feelings of social inclusion and belonging
  4. Increased alertness and improved cognition
  5. Improved mood and confidence.

With these things in mind, last year we established a resident chorus in each building. This summer we decided to extend the program so that our staff could enjoy the same benefits! Our modest but mighty Kensington Park Staff Chorus recently gave their first performance at the Fall Festival, only six weeks after the first rehearsal. Whether you are a resident, family member, or team member, be on the lookout for opportunities to join your voice in song as we approach the holiday season!