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american flag against setting sun in a field

Musical Notes for May 2018

“We honor them [heroes and loving families], with the beauty of music—music that has the power to inspire us and fill us with pride.”

– Former President Barack Obama (2014)

As Memorial Day approaches, we honor those who have sacrificed everything for our freedom. At the 2014 Salute to the Troops concert, Former President Obama challenged the audience with the words above and continued:

“Let’s pledge to carry that spirit back to our own communities, to always serve these men and women as well as they have served us.”

Here at Kensington Park, we continually honor the veterans among us with the singing of “God Bless America” every night before dinner in The Groves. Though sung night after night, passion, pride, and gratitude ring anew in the voices of our residents each time this patriotic hymn is sung. Patriotic songs are frequently sung and played within individual and group music therapy sessions throughout campus. Former music therapist at Walter Reed National Medical Center, Rebecca Vaudreuil, supported music therapy among veterans, saying, “The inherent sociality of music is in line with the unique camaraderie that exists among military personnel.” This “unique camaraderie” is present among our music therapy groups on campus, especially those that include veterans. If you would like to learn more about music therapy with veterans, or our other music therapy programs, please contact music therapist, Rachelle Splechter, at

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