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Musical Notes in April

“What passion cannot music raise and quell!” – John Dryden

Many of us have personally experienced the power of music to alter or affect our emotions on a deep level. There is no underestimating the comfort of a favorite song in times of difficulty. Scientific studies are now emerging to support what many of us already know to be true. Research indicates that, “subject-preferred music has potentials to increase older adults’ energetic arousal and reduce tension” (*Hirokawa, 2004) and that, “music activities (both music listening and music making) can influence older adults’ perceptions about the quality of their lives.” (*Coffman, 2002)

The second program in our music therapy series, geared toward residents in the independent-living setting, is designed with these findings in mind. Through “Reflect & Relax: Music for Peace of Mind,” residents of The Highlands can explore ways to reduce negative feelings and anxieties and build positive resources with the aid of music. If you would like to learn more about this or other music programs, please contact campus music therapist, Jessie Power, at