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Mary’s Message: Creative Arts Therapies

Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

During the month of March, there is a week dedicated to recognizing the importance of creative arts therapy. At Kensington Park, we are so grateful that we have a creative arts program that enhances the lives of all our residents.

For starters, we are proud to have two amazing, full-time music therapists on our Kensington Park team, Melissa and David. Melissa and David engage with residents in all stages of life to create meaningful music experiences.

And it’s more than just singing songs – they engage the mind and body in a purposeful and powerful way. Whether it’s group choirs, one-on-one sessions, or even learning a new instrument, Melissa and David offer several types of music programming to help residents achieve both musical and non-musical goals.

Another type of creative programming that we are so proud of is with our very own team member Elias, the Brain Wellness Coordinator at Kensington Park. Brain Wellness is a brain exercise program that stimulates, restores and maintains cognitive abilities for individuals with health and related deficits of the brain. The goal is to keep the brain as active and healthy as possible, preserve strengths and slow or halt progressive decline.

Elias is certified in the Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool (BCAT®), which is a worldwide applied concept for assessing individuals who have memory and other cognitive impairments. The BCAT® provides objective measures to determine cognitive abilities and the impact on function. Using this tool, Elias works one-on-one with residents across all three buildings at Kensington Park. We are so grateful for the evident progress he makes in stimulating our residents’ minds through this unique program!

Finally, activities across campus are centered around the arts each day, including paint classes, creative projects, music performances, trips to the theatre, and so much more.

I hope everyone has a wonderful month as we head into the highly anticipated Spring weather, and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!