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Mary’s Message: A Thank You to Families

Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

CONNECTION is still what it’s all about at Kensington Park. During the last four months, our lives have changed dramatically and we’ve all experienced loss in one way or another. But what has kept us going has been a stronger-than-ever connection between us all – the team members, residents and families of KP.

Our families and friends stepped up in a way that continues to humble and amaze us. Gifts of handmade masks, isolation gowns, surgical caps, personal protective equipment and supplies were generously donated over and over again. Homemade goodies and meal deliveries nourished our spirits and added pounds to our waist. Handwritten notes were addressed to each individual team member from someone unknown, thanking them for doing what they do every day. Our team could not have made it through without YOU!

Perhaps most touching of all has been the story of the reactivation of our Employee Appreciation Fund. COVID-19 took away several of our dear residents. In the midst of it all, our team created a special memorial to honor these individuals, and not a day has gone by where we haven’t thought of them or missed them deeply. The sadness was all around us, but even then, our families continued to go above and beyond to show their love. Every time that I spoke to the families of residents who had passed away, they would ask how the team was doing. “What can we do for them?” They wanted to establish a fund for the frontline team. Their biggest concern was the team continuing to work each day, putting their lives, and of course, their families’ lives, at risk while continuing to care for all the other residents. This is a true testament to the character of our families – giving and thoughtful with hearts of gold through it all.

As I write this, our Kensington Park families have contributed $54,000 to this fund! Donations came in amounts anywhere from $15 to $10,000. Because of all those checks, a team member will receive, based on days worked, anywhere from $50 to $500 to take home to their families. AMAZING and unbelievably GENEROUS and very TOUCHING! As the leader of our team, I was so moved by the outpouring of love. For that, and for so much more, we are forever grateful to all of you!

Warmly, Mary