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Mary’s Message: A Holiday Gift

Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

I wanted to share with you about the lovely holiday gift I received from our team and residents here at Kensington Park. This year, due to all that was going on, I asked them not to give me anything. I should have known they weren’t going to follow that direction! Just after Christmas, I was presented a beautiful ceramic jar with the inscription “We Are Forever Grateful” and 3 colorful photos of our team on it.


The following message came along with the jar:


A gift we were asked not to buy

All understanding the reason why

But with this year, that was insane

It was totally against our natural grain

Not to present a gift to our amazing boss

Who has supported us through laughs and loss

So, we collected notes that came from the heart

You can read during 2021 – Jan. 1st to start

When you need a little boost in your day

Pick a card – we had a lot to say

To you dear Mary, who is our number one

We are here with you for the long run!


Inside the jar were hundreds of handwritten cards with heartfelt messages and uplifting quotes from team members. I was overwhelmed with emotion and so touched to receive this most special gift. I am so looking forward to pulling out these notes throughout all next year.

I am so grateful for this one, big, happy KP family! Thank goodness 2021 is finally here. Cheers to brighter days ahead. Happy New Year!