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Kensington Park Senior Living Memory Care Concierge

What Makes a KP Concierge?

The definition of concierge is a “person who has charge of the entrance of a building & guests, operator of elevators, accepts deliveries to the tenants…” according to the At Kensington Park Senior Living Community, the concierge is much more than that. The concierge acts as a counselor to the residents and family members, a security officer and protector to the community, a host or hostess, an organizer, food and beverage server, the face and voice of Kensington Park.

Most importantly, the concierge is that person the residents and family members rely on to reassure them that everything is going to be all right. It is that smile from the concierge that people see when entering into the community that many have said separates Kensington Park from the rest. As we recruit new concierge team members, there are three “Best In Class” qualities that a concierge needs to have in order to be successful at Kensington Park; patience, LOVE to smile and are passionate to serve seniors. If they possess those three main qualities then everything will becoming second nature.

Ultimately, the Kensington Park concierge department is committed to going “The Best In Class” by providing the best quality service and setting the benchmark that others in the industry seek to at least meet.