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group of friends wearing rivet revolution bracelets

Kensington Park Gives Back to Alzheimer’s Research

October is a wrap. Team KP (with lots of help and participation from friends and family members) fundraised, collaborated, and walked our way to the finish line for the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s, raising over $17,000 dollars for the cause. Thank you so much to our partners and supporters!

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

As we embark both on National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month this November and the upcoming fall and winter holiday season, we’re excited to highlight yet another special way in which Kensington Senior Living gives back.

stack of purple rivet revolution part the cloud bracelets to support alzheimers researchKensington Senior Living partners year-round with Rivet Revolution to spread awareness, connect the community and donate to research. Rivet Revolution makes stylish, simple, hand-crafted jewelry that is on a mission to end Alzheimer’s. Founded by three women entering the second acts of their respective careers—Liz, Susan, and Carol—the Revolution was created to fund research and to empower the networks of families and friends who have been affected by the disease. To date, we have donated over $26,000 to Alzheimer’s research through our partnership with Rivet Revolution directly to Part the Cloud and we want to give more!

Join Kensington Senior Living this November, National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, in helping to spread the revolution to end Alzheimer’s.

How? You ask…

It’s simple. When purchasing online, use our unique code: KSLNOV to get an extra FREE Rivet Revolution Bracelet with each one purchased to share with a loved one, friend or fellow Alzheimer’s Revolutionary. This offer is UNLIMITED – so BUY 5 GET 5 FREE! Plus, for every purchase you make Rivet Revolution will double the normal donation amount (10%) and donate 20% of the purchase price to Part the Cloud. So, double the bracelets and double the donation! It’s a win-win.

If you have questions about the care our team at Kensington Park Senior Living can provide, please don’t wait to get in touch with us.

The team behind Rivet Revolution aims to spark conversations, raise awareness, and reduce the stigma of those affected by Alzheimer’s by creating chic, classic, and symbolic jewelry that serves as a source of strength for all. The special promotion is only running for the month of November, which is a great time to stock up on meaningful gifts ahead of the holidays. Take advantage of both the buy-one-get-one free offer, and know you’re doing good through Rivet’s generous 20% donation.

How else can we spread the word about Alzheimer’s Awareness?

We are also partnering with Rivet Revolution on their Voices of the Revolution video project. Share your Alzheimer’s experience in a quick video and post it to Facebook or Instagram with the following hashtags: #alzrevolution #voicesofalzrevolution #rivetrevolution #kensingtonseniorliving

The hope is that many friends, families and professionals will create videos – our own team is participating! These videos should be casual in nature and encourage others to like, share, create their own, and spread the word about Alzheimer’s, similar to other video “challenges” you’ve seen on social media.