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Kensington Konnect Week 5: The Wonders of Whiskey

Introducing Kensington Konnect: Weekly Curated Classes Just For You

Let our series be a ray of light for you this winter! Kensington Park is proud to present an eight-week series just for you. Beginning February 11th, join us each Thursday for live curated classes on a variety of cultural topics like literature, wellness, travel, art history and more.

Get inspired by our expert speakers and let us help you Konnect with the local community. We’ll beat the winter blues together as we lean into our favorite hobbies, discuss creative ideas, cultivate friendships, and learn something new. Interested in joining our live classes? Register here.

Week 5: The Wonders of Whiskey

Watch Week 5 with Davis Green & Matt Hardiman from Kensington local bar and restaurant The Dish and Dram. Get in the spirit and discover the world of whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch and Rye through geographic history, lingo and production. Plus, learn how to make 4 different cocktails from these seasoned bartenders:

Old Fashioned
Whiskey Sour