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kensington park senior living highlands home tour millies suite living room

Highland’s Home Tour: Millie S.

millie, independent living resident at Kensington Park Senior LivingMillie grew up in a small industrial town in upstate New York called Norwich. She attended Norwich Elementary School and Norwich High school where she played basketball and was the captain of her tumbling team. Millie started her first job out of school at Carl Payne Insurance Agency. Mille loved growing up in a small town with her 2 brothers and sister, of which Millie was the second oldest.

Later in life Millie met her husband Albert and had 5 kids; Margaret, Mark, Joe, Shari, and Matt. While taking care of the kids Millie worked in accounting for 20 years. Millie’s ideal job was to be on stage with a chorus or dancing in the spotlight. Although she never became a professional dancer you can still see Millie dancing to the live music here at Kensington Park. Millie has always been active and once she retired she stayed very involved with community service. In the past 15 years she has dedicated her time as an election official and a hospice volunteer in Williamsburg, while being a member of the women’s club which is a service organization in itself.

Since moving to Kensington Park she still has stayed active in the community. Millie still enjoys going out and shopping with her local daughter-in-law Patty. To relax Millie likes to read a book or an old magazine to let her mind unwind from her busy schedule. When asked if she could meet anyone in history, Millie said “Dolly Madison, because she was such an interesting person”. Millie believes that you should always be doing something constructive with your time which is what has made her so active throughout the years. We are delighted to have Millie here at Kensington Park she truly brings so much joy and energy to the community.