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Walk Off Parkinsons Sign at Nationals Park Stadium.

Hello August!

Dear Residents, Families & Friends,

Our Kensington Park team hopes you have enjoyed your summer and that the last of it continues to be safe and relaxing! And, as many start thinking about the start of school, Kensington Park is doing the same. I am very excited to announce that we have met our new neighbors. The almost completed school, named Silver Creek Middle School, will be opening this September. Kensington Park hosted a small luncheon in July for Principal Dr. Traci Townsend, Assistant Principal Kimberly Heidler, and Administrative Secretary Susan Katz. We were very fortunate to have Jim Rouleau and Joe Monte, both Highlands residents, present at the luncheon. Both gentlemen have had long careers in education throughout the Montgomery County school system and shared their views on how schools have changed over the years. Silver Creek Middle School is designed to accommodate sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, however, for the first year, will open with sixth and seventh graders only. The students will come from surrounding areas and approximately 90% will be transported by bus. We are very thrilled to have Silver Creek Middle School as our neighbor, and the feeling is mutual from Dr. Townsend and her team!

Kensington Park continues to focus on its important partnerships. Since 2015 we have had a great relationship with the Parkinson’s Foundation of the National Capital Area (PFNCA). In cooperation with PFNCA, Kensington Park offers both a Communication Club and an Energized Fitness Class for anyone who has Parkinson’s. These classes are led by certified professionals in the areas of speech and physical therapy who have undergone training specifically related to Parkinson’s. These classes are open to the public. We are continuing to add to this platform with dance and swimming programming.

As a PFNCA partner, every March we sponsor the Parkinson’s Symposium and, each September, the Parkinson’s Walk. The PFNCA Walk at Nationals Park will be held this year on Sunday, September 24. And we hope you’ll continue to walk with us on Saturday October 14, as we take part in the National Walk to End Alzheimer’s! Our 2017 team is registered with the Alzheimer’s Association and more info about joining us will soon be posted in our Upcoming Events Calendar.

Kensington Park continues to be involved with those in the community-at-large who have the interests of seniors in mind. One such group is the Grass Roots Organization for the Well-being of Seniors (GROWS). GROWS is an organization that provides a platform for senior-services professionals in Montgomery County to connect, educate and advocate for senior issues. Kensington Park will be hosting this fabulous group of professionals on August 3, 2017, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Share the Kensington Park Experience! If you love Kensington Park and you know others will too, help your friends become your Kensington neighbor with our Family and Friends Referral Program. Extend a complimentary dinner invitation, ask them in for a tour of the community or welcome them to one of your favorite community events. To learn more about the program, please contact, Perri Holod, Director of Sales and Marketing, at 301-946-7700, or

It is truly a pleasure to spend time and share warm moments with you and your loved ones. Feel free to contact me at any time at or 301-946-7700 to share your suggestions or concerns.


Mary Mell Executive Director at Kensington Park headshot.