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Apple Trees in Fall

Happy October!

From the Desk of the Executive Director:

“Life is about change, and the ability to adapt to those changes. Do not fear the changing seasons.”

October – a month of falling back in time, falling leaves and a month when we start planning for winter and the upcoming holidays! But, hold on and don’t get caught up too soon in the holiday rush. Take time out and enjoy such a beautiful month.

It’s the month of exploration – Columbus Day is celebrated in October. Christopher Columbus set sail and arrived in the New World on October 12, 1492. So be inspired to take your own journey. This is a great time to attend apple festivals in abundance. Make apple pies, enjoy apple cider or just take a bite out of a nice crisp apple.

We think about health during this month, as we worry about gaining those extra pounds visiting family and friends around the holidays! So, in preparation, explore some nice hiking trails with friends and families, take some brisk walks, rake some leaves and start thinking about your Halloween costume.

Make October a month of exploration and reflection, as we know our days will become very hectic and we may lose sight of our journey and the importance of taking care of ourselves. Take in the beauty of the trees and the smell in the air of the first fire of the season!

At Kensington Park we will also be on a journey to end Alzheimer’s disease. Please join us in the fight by walking with us on Saturday Oct. 24, on the National Mall. (Additional information will be forthcoming about the walk.)

We look forward to walking together in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s!


Headshot of Kensington Park Executive Director Mary Mell.