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New Years Tide 2014 2015

Happy New Year KP!

As we put up a new calendar on the wall, this is an excellent time for each of us to look back on the past year and take heart from all the joys, great and small, that came throughout that time. In doing so, we should go beyond those private moments of personal satisfaction, and recall what was, and is, shared with our dear friends and neighbors in this most special of communities. In particular, what I have witnessed since my arrival at Kensington Park is a natural bonding of human spirits which derives from a people who give bright sunlight to one another even on the most overcast day. Furthermore, our residents are a mosaic of personalities, talents, backgrounds, and experiences which combine to provide the radiant atmosphere which flourishes throughout our community. For those of us on the staff, to be in the presence of these extraordinary folks turns our own labors into efforts that bring us a unique form of happiness not to found in the entertainment of the modern world.

However, perhaps the greatest discovery that any staff member receives from his, or her, service to the residents is from what they bestow upon us through their own examples of kindness and character. Our residents, without even being aware of it, continue to teach us the Golden Rule merely by bringing out, on a daily basis, the very best in themselves which is a gift far beyond any price tag. This, above all, is what has made their generation great and presents an eternal standard of doing good which challenges the rest of us to emulate in the course of own lives. Anyone fortunate enough to join the KP team will ultimately grow in wisdom and maturity thanks to the residents and what they teach of life and how to live it. I speak for the entire KP staff when I express our deepest gratitude, appreciation, and love to all those whom we are honored to serve. May all the wonderful and happy times that you experienced, and gave us, the staff, in 2014, continue and double in 2015. Happy New Year!


Headshot of Kensington Park Executive Director Mary Mell.