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green irish clovers for good luck

Happy March!

Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

As we head into spring this month, it seems we had the “luck of the Irish” on our side as February came and went with nary a whimper and we managed to make it through a delightfully mild winter. Let’s hope we see even more balmy temperatures in March!

We are pleased to share that, because of your referrals and those of affiliated professionals, Kensington Park currently has a waiting list of prospective residents. Kensington Senior Living communities distinguish themselves from others in part because of our signature programs, including “All-Day Dining,” by which meals are provided at no charge to residents’ guests and family members. Have you been out and about with your loved ones and arrive on campus after lunch? No worries! Just let the concierge know you’re home, have a seat in the dining room and order from our “Always Available” menu. Our chef will prepare your meal and a server will bring it right to your table.

If your loved one resides in our Woodlands or Groves communities, you will find that our nursing team is staffed with licensed nurses, rather than certified medicine technicians, who administer prescribed medications. This exceeds the state’s requirement and provides the nurse an opportunity, at each medication pass, to speak with each resident.

Communication is also a top Kensington Park priority and we strive to establish an effective partnership with our residents and their families right from the start. Our 14-day meetings are specifically designed to maintain this open channel by which critical information can pass easily back and forth. Once you join our family, it’s our responsibility to get to know yours and these meetings are essential to providing us the feedback we need to implement the best care plan for each of our residents here at Kensington Park.

We further recognize that a well-maintained environment is critical to fostering pride in our community, among residents and staff alike. All 8.5 acres of our physical plant are closely monitored and managed, and we hope you’ve noticed the care we take in grooming our lawns, trimming our shrubs and planting beautiful seasonal flowers. Our daily “Director’s Walk” through campus is intended to ensure that this lovely community remains satisfying to your eye!

Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own! And we work to fulfill this pledge by seeking ever more ways to meet your or your loved one’s needs. We have focused on utilizing email for effective and timely communication with families and friends, and our monthly Activities Calendars are available online.

Thank you for all your continued support, feedback and welcome comments about our team. We love being able to care for all of you. Feel free to contact me at any time via email or by telephone, at 301-946-7700.


Headshot of Kensington Park Executive Director Mary Mell.