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Three smiling friends and family at Kensington Park event.

A Family Art Form

Many items that grace our world are considered forms of art. What is an art form exactly? It is a creation of beauty expressed through one of the five senses for the purpose of displaying what is most deeply held within a human soul. Any creator of something extraordinary is an artist and by instinct understands the long and often stony path that he or she must take in order to reach the sublime goal of turning what dwells within the imagination into a joyous addition to reality. But while we usually associate an art form with someone’s ability to produce a tangible presentation of excellence, there is an art form that is as old as our species, and without which, we could hardly survive. I am referring to the institution of the family, the bedrock structure of life that nurtures us with purpose, guidance, and above all, love. And for any family to succeed in this ancient mission requires the total commitment of support by each member of each generation.

At Kensington Park, we recognize the indispensable role that our own residents have in counseling their loved ones on the challenges of daily life. This has always been a primary responsibility for the elderly in any society, and it reveals one more reason why KP honors those who make it their home. For every resident who welcomes his or her family on a visit, there are countless children and grandchildren who come to spend time with someone dear simply out of love and gratitude. This is where the masterpiece of a devoted family goes on exhibit for all to view and where the artist can reflect back upon a life more than well spent. In addition, for our part, the staff of Kensington Park considers it their collective duty to enhance the familial bonds between residents and their loved ones through a galaxy of activities worthy of our wonderful participants. Like the growth of a family itself, it is a genuine labor of love. Have a great month!


Tanya Walker Managing Director of Kensington Senior Living, headshot.