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Brain Health and Aging, In Collaboration with AARP
Thursday, July 18th 3:30pm-4:30pm via Zoom. Click HERE to Register!
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comparing rn to lpn

From Classroom to Clinicals: Comparing RN and LPN Training with Kensington Park

The landscape of health care within senior living communities continues to expand—which means assisted living jobs are growing as well. Within Kensington Park Senior Living, the distinct roles of Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are fundamental to delivering the exemplary care we strive for daily. 

Kensington Park takes great pride in understanding and supporting the unique functions and collaborative dynamics of RNs and LPNs in our community. We recognize they are crucial for ensuring the highest quality of resident care. 

If you’re already a certified RN or LPN, then we want you to consider joining our team. If you’re interested in exploring either RN training or LPN training, we heartily encourage that pathway. 

But what does an RN or LPN do? And how do you become one? Let’s go over RN and LPN training, how they’re different, and which role is right for you.

Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

An RN’s position in resident care

Registered Nurses at Kensington Park are the core of our resident care spirit; each team member is equipped with an extensive education and a wide array of clinical skills that we look to improve as their career progresses. 

Responsibilities span from performing detailed health assessments to developing intricate care plans, showcasing their critical role in overseeing and coordinating resident care.

The comprehensive scope of practice for RNs

RNs at Kensington Park are entrusted with the following: 

  • Detailed clinical assessments
  • Medication management
  • Development of comprehensive care plans

A broad scope of practice enables them to address many health needs, ensuring our residents receive holistic and personalized care.

RNs lead and coordinate resident care plans

Additionally, RNs lead the charge in formulating and executing care plans. 

They work closely with physicians plus other health care professionals, ensuring that each resident’s medical, emotional, and social needs are met through a coordinated and compassionate approach.

The RN’s role in resident assessment and care planning

At Kensington Park, our RNs excel in conducting thorough health assessments, a foundational step in understanding each resident’s unique health profile. 

These detailed evaluations cover: 

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional health

These form the basis for our personalized care.

Crafting individualized care plans: The RN’s approach

RNs are specially trained to be adept at creating individualized care plans. 

These plans, tailored to each resident’s specific needs, are developed in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team, ensuring a well-rounded and effective approach to care.

RNs at the helm of coordinating complex care needs

The coordination of complex care needs falls under the purview of our RNs. 

They serve as the primary point of contact among various healthcare providers, families, and the guests themselves, ensuring seamless communication and care delivery.

Vital contributions of LPNs in assisted living communities

LPNs at Kensington Park bring practical skills to the table, honed through focused training and hands-on experience. 

Their daily duties include administering medications, wound care, and monitoring residents’ health status, playing a supportive yet vital role in the care team.

Scope of practice for LPNs

LPNs are integral in managing medications and providing direct care. They ensure residents’ daily health care needs are met with precision and care, contributing significantly to their comfort and well-being.

As support pillars in our care teams, LPNs at Kensington Park are essential in providing continuous, hands-on care. 

They build strong, trusting relationships with residents, delivering healthcare and emotional support.

LPNs in medication management and direct care

LPNs at Kensington Park play a crucial role in medication administration—managing the precise preparation, administration, and documentation of medications and playing a key role in maintaining our residents’ health.

Direct care responsibilities for LPNs

LPNs are deeply involved in the direct care of our community residents. Their duties, ranging from personal care to vital sign monitoring, are essential in maintaining the daily health and comfort of our guests.

Emphasizing the practical impact of LPNs in daily resident care

As a result of their daily direct interaction with guests, the practical impact of LPNs in daily care at Kensington Park is substantial. 

Hands-on approaches and professional dedication to everyone’s well-being are central to maintaining a high quality of life within our community.

Collaborative Care: The Synergy between RNs and LPNs

Teamwork at its best: RN-LPN collaboration in resident care

At Kensington Park, the collaboration between RNs and LPNs is a testament to effective teamwork—combining their expertise ensures comprehensive and continuous care, addressing all facets of resident well-being.

Complementary skills: How RNs and LPNs work together

RNs and LPNs bring complementary skills to resident care: 

  • While RNs provide advanced clinical insights, LPNs offer practical nursing care— synergistically enhancing the care experience for our guests
  • The collaborative efforts of RNs and LPNs significantly benefit resident well-being; teamwork leads to better health outcomes and a nurturing environment, which is essential for high-quality care.

Advocacy and communication: The nurse’s role

Our nurses, both RNs and LPNs, are steadfast advocates for our guests’ needs. 

They play a key role in ensuring that voices are heard and their preferences respected, serving as a critical communication link between residents, their families, and other healthcare professionals.

Ensuring resident preferences are met: A collaborative nursing approach

Through collaborative nursing, Kensington Park ensures that care plans reflect the unique preferences and requirements of each guest. 

This approach fosters personalized care and strengthens the bond between residents and their caregivers.

The importance of effective communication in resident care

Effective communication is crucial in resident care. 

Our nurses facilitate clear, compassionate exchanges between residents, their families, and healthcare providers, enhancing the overall care experience and fostering a sense of community.

Adhering to regulatory standards and maintaining licensure

At Kensington Park, RNs and LPNs adhere to stringent regulatory standards that dictate their scope of practice. 

This ensures safe and effective care delivery, aligning with state and federal healthcare regulations.

Licensure essentials: NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN for RNs and LPNs

To maintain their practice, RNs must successfully pass the NCLEX-RN, while LPNs are required to clear the NCLEX-PN

These licensing exams validate their competencies and readiness to provide top-tier care.

Ongoing education and professional development

Kensington Park prioritizes ongoing education and professional development for RNs and LPNs. We ensure that our team receives the most up-to-date RN training and LPN training. 

Staying on top of the latest medical advancements, regulatory changes, and best practices is fundamental to providing the top levels of care and furthering your assisted living career.

RN or LPN: Join the Kensington Park Senior Living family

The RNs and LPNs at Kensington Park are one of the core reasons we can maintain Our Promise to love and care for your family as we do our own. It’s not just a slogan with us; it’s a mission and philosophy. 

Recognizing and leveraging the strengths of both RNs and LPNs is key to delivering exceptional care. Their collaborative efforts not only elevate the standard of resident care but also exemplify the essence of teamwork in health care. 

As we continue to navigate the complexities of senior living, the combined expertise of RNs and LPNs remains the bedrock of our commitment to excellence in resident care.

Whether you’re still in RN training or LPN training, or you’re already in the industry and looking for an available nursing position where you can thrive—reach out to Kensington Park Senior Living. It may easily be the best connection you make.

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