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Blue Zone Goals for The New Year

Dear Residents, Families, and Friends,

Happy New Year to all and wishes for a healthy and happy 2018 from our Kensington Park Team! As we start the year afresh, making resolutions to take better care of ourselves and others, I would like to introduce you to the Blue Zones Project, the brainchild of Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow and multiple New York Times bestselling author. He has discovered five places in the world – dubbed “Blue Zones” – where people live the longest and are healthiest. Some of the noted characteristics of these areas include places where residents have a strong sense of purpose, and live among a circle of healthy friends in walkable neighborhoods. In fact, these components, it’s been found, are just as important as a good diet.

We here at Kensington Park recognize that we have the opportunity to establish some of these same features here within our community of residents and families, especially through the friendships that develop across campus at our many events. And we are fortunate to be situated in the surrounding walkable neighborhood of Kensington, where residents have opportunities to maintain a sense of purpose by volunteering on- and off-campus. Our focus this coming year will be on ensuring that we continuously provide ways in which our residents can engage with others, exploring new menu options that will help keep us healthy, and maintaining our support of our surrounding Kensington community.

In the spring we will be offering a Blue Zones lecture that will outline common-sense approaches to staying healthy, happy, and aging well. To learn more about the Blue Zones Project, please visit their website.

Thank you for allowing us to continue to care for you and your families. All of us here at Kensington Park wish you and yours a terrific new year!


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