Virtual Music Therapy: Holiday Edition

Music for the Mind, Body & Soul

Session 7: Holiday Edition

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We’re now offering our one-of-a-kind Music Therapy program virtually to your home!

Kensington Park’s in-house Music Therapy program is an evidence-based practice led by board-certified Music Therapists who integrate the best available research, clinical expertise and the needs and values of the resident. Through this program, we have witnessed firsthand that music offers so much more than just enjoyment for aging adults. Rhythm and lyrics engage the mind, evoke emotion, encourage movement and most importantly, create meaningful moments of connection. The beauty of this program is that it reaches they very heart and soul of our residents. We are now proud to share this program virtually with viewers at home!

Enjoy these live 30-minute sessions with Kensington Park Music Therapists Jessie Power, MA, MT-BC and Melissa Pate, MT-BC, NMT. Enjoy upbeat music-making and singing while learning music therapy takeaway techniques for you and your loved one. Explore an inspiring new creative outlet and expand possibilities for joyful expression.